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Employee Benefits

Clinical Services

Clinical expertise that is the industry standard


High-value, affordable care is not a trend—it’s the future. How do you maximize the value of your health benefits and provide the best possible care solutions for your people? Alliant’s team of clinical experts, data analysts, actuaries, and wellness consultants deliver a curated strategy that caters to your unique challenges and meets the needs of your employees.

Clinical Strategic Consulting

Alliant can assist you in maximizing the value of your health benefits spending through a quality-driven approach. Our well-equipped clinical experts recognize cost-effective healthcare opportunities that prioritize access, appropriateness, outcomes, and experience. Empowered by robust data analytics and industry expertise, we can help you structure benefits design, secure direct contracts, and provide program stewardship to enhance access to high-value healthcare.

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Clinical Risk Consulting

Alliant's clinical risk consultants ensure high-quality care outcomes while avoiding wasteful spending and billing practices. We prioritize evidence-based medicine and evaluate the financial and clinical risks of complex health concerns. Our solutions maximize cost savings without compromising care and suggest cost containment strategies— within all applicable regulatory guidelines—based on appropriateness, relevance, and member and employer best interests.

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Employer Health Centers

Ensure convenient access to quality and consistent care for your employees, while gaining unprecedented control over your ROI. Alliant helps you structure on-site, near-site, virtual, mobile, and marketplace health services that are proven to encourage a healthy workforce, reduce your risks, prevent unnecessary claims, and increase in-network provider utilization.

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