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Employee Benefits


Empowering Success, Ensuring Compliance


Alliant offers comprehensive, tailored, and proactive compliance support that is seamlessly integrated into your benefits strategy.

It takes a team of experts

Employee Benefits Compliance does more than track and summarize applicable law—it is a strategic partnership that delivers complex content in an easily digestible and timely manner amid a constantly shifting landscape. With industry mastery and accuracy, our practical guidance is specific to your organization based on its goals, culture, and the priorities you have for your plan and its participants.

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Simplify complexity

Alliant’s Compliance team is comprised of experienced on-staff attorneys who are dedicated to the intricacies of the legal landscape, nationally and in your region. As your partner, we help you minimize costs, mitigate risk, and maintain business practices that safeguard your people and your organization.

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Alliant's Compliance Practice

Our compliance experts simplify the changing legal landscape by providing pragmatic support with user-friendly resources like our weekly compliance reminders, single-subject whitepapers, and Alliant’s ERISA Fiduciary Toolkit—our turnkey and agile solution that helps protect you from agency penalties with consistent, clear, and compliant recordkeeping.

Workplace compliance solutions are not one-size-fits all. We offer proactive compliance communications including:

  • Timely compliance alerts and updates with any new guidance and clear employer action items
  • A weekly compliance newsletter that covers common questions, reminders for upcoming deadlines, and reviews the world of compliance
  • Quarterly webinars with HRCI and SHRM credits* that address topics of interest, new and changing laws, and areas where employers need to stay informed
  • A Compliant with Alliant podcast focusing on hot topics in an approachable, conversational way (available on SoundCloud, Spreaker, and Apple Podcasts)