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Accessible and Efficient Structured Settlement Services

Our structured settlements team draws on decades of experience working together to address the complexities of each individual case. This familiarity allows us to problem solve and assemble the tools necessary to design solutions. We are available nationwide, in person or virtually.

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Best-in-Class Structured Settlement Brokers

Alliant Structured Settlements offers a full range of best-in-class structured settlement services. With a highly consultative approach, focused expertise and a team of specialized professionals, we have experience servicing a diverse array of clients, including property and casualty insurers, third-party administrators and self-insured organizations.

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Tailored Structured Settlements Solutions

Our team recognizes that no two claims are alike, which allows us to deploy a range of solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. For nearly 50 years, structured settlements have provided guaranteed, tax-free financial security to injured people, while also affording a final settlement resolution to insureds and insurers.

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