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Employee Benefits

Global Benefits

Helping you navigate employee benefits on a global scale


From competitive benefit design to corporate governance and compliance with local laws, support for your global organization requires sufficient management, due diligence, and cost-effective strategies. Our in-house expertise goes beyond borders and time zones, providing you solutions to your biggest international HR challenges.

Worldwide benefits infrastructure built around you

We specialize in serving U.S. multinational organizations in more than 140 countries. From global benefits strategy to new country expansion, renewal management, benefits inventory, competitive benchmarking, and employment cost analytics, we offer a single, agile team of experts to support your international operations and your domestic HR and benefits team.

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Our priority is what matters to you and your people

Our philosophy is simple: the foundation for your total rewards strategy revolves around your organization’s vision and mission, your business goals, and, of course, your people and your culture.

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Global Benefits Practice: Core Services

With our comprehensive, proprietary data analytics platforms that are simple to use, we transform readily available data into powerful insights that will help you see where you’ve been and where you could be.


International-IQ®, an Alliant platform, gives multinational firms instant access to plan design, contract/renewal information, and cost data for all their benefit programs around the world.

Global Employment Cost-IQ

Global Employment Cost-IQ takes cost analysis to new heights. This platform takes a holistic approach to your costs—past, present, and future.

Our robust Benefit Management process includes:

  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Comprehensive renewal management
  • Strategy and implementation of three-year forecasts that outline multiple steps towards consumerism, wellness, administrative efficiency, and employee communications.
  • Annual benefits calendar
  • Bi-weekly or monthly team calls

We use the best solutions to respond to your needs:

The Global team, in collaboration with our Compliance practice, pulls together relevant government policies, strategies, and plans, which have significant impact for multinational companies. Our Global Knowledge Center delivers a monthly newsletter, detailing those regulatory changes, but also includes just-in-time news and need-to-know country-level developments so you’re always in the know. 

Stay ahead of global trends by browsing our library of articles, which provide insight into emerging themes and perspectives driving change in the regions where you operate.


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