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Employee Benefits

Funding Solutions

Bulletproof your benefits strategy with Alliant


Take control of your benefits programs through Alliant’s innovative funding solutions and shield your organization from risk.


Innovation and risk mitigation


Our captive program provides measurable, effective, and affordable solutions for self-insured plans. Alliant delivers financing innovation that reduces the risks and helps deliver significant savings for both clients and their employees. Our program ensures favorable reinsurance renewal rates and protection from ongoing, chronic claims. The result: a sustainable self-insured benefits strategy with a true return on investment.

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Stop Loss

Your safety net for effective benefits budgeting


Alliant’s Stop Loss team serves as a crucial safety net for your business. We provide the analytical and clinical oversight necessary to identify risk through integrated claim analytics and access to nationally ranked stop loss carriers. We offer tailored support that protects you against catastrophic claims and unexpected financial liabilities associated with medical and pharma claim activity.

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