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Reinsurance Solutions to Manage Market Volatility

Alliant Re is built to thrive in today’s fast paced insurance marketplace. Reinsurance trading partners are under pressure to deliver profitable growth and manage volatility. Our team of high-performance reinsurance professionals match risk opportunities with the right market solutions.


Explore our reinsurance solutions to help you manage market volatility.

Reinsurance Analytics at Your Fingertips

Our industry expertise and integrated team approach allow us to leverage proprietary data, cutting-edge insurance analytics and actuarial services to navigate complex market conditions and provide strategic value-added advisory support.

Our reinsurance solutions are powered by cutting-edge insurance analytics.

The Reinsurance Solutions Specialists

Whether your insurance company requires facultative reinsurance for traditional property, risk transfer or a portfolio solution, Alliant Re has the knowledge, understanding and experience necessary to respond to the unique challenges our risk partners face. We also identity opportunities that may lay hidden in the programs.

With in depth knowledge and experience, we are true specialists of reinsurance solutions.

Trusted Relationships

We take pride in our commitment to building and maintaining strong insurer and reinsurer relationships. For decades, our team of leading reinsurance brokers has cultivated industry relationships and built a foundation of trust which is at the root of every deal.

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Reinsurance Solutions

For property and casualty risks, our automatic and semi-automatic reinsurance structures provide risk transfer options to help optimize your risk portfolio. Often, these structures deliver cost benefits greater than their treaty risk transfer alternatives. With greater flexibility for additional limits and attachment points, automatic and semi-automatic programs can be customized to align with your unique capital management goals and underwriting strategies, empowering you to achieve long-term success.

Captives require specialized reinsurance solutions. Our dedicated team evaluates the various captive structures and alternative risk transfer methods available to craft tailored solutions to meet the needs of each captive.

Deductible buy-downs, also known as a buyback deductible, allow organizations to reduce the deductible amount required in the event of a claim. Alliant Re can explore a range of solutions that align with your unique situations and goals.

Reinsurance is a critical component to an insurers’ ability to manage risk and remain viable. It is imperative that your reinsurance brokers have the experience, expertise, skill and knowledge to secure effective solutions. At Alliant Re, we understand the need to reduce volatility and avoid excessive pricing. We help design programs that cap losses while providing flexibility to negotiate terms and conditions.

Backed by our strong relationships with insurers and reinsurers, we assist managing general underwriters (MGU) with startups or program transfers. We identify and introduce supporting insurers for the program and, if the insurer appetite has limitations, Alliant Re can structure reinsurance support.

The Alliant Re claims team was designed to bring together a dedicated team of experienced claims advocates with 40 years’ combined experience in broker market reinsurance and direct casualty claims reinsurance broking. We work with our brokers, cedants and reinsurers before and after a claim, leveraging our expertise to guide clients and reinsurers in actively monitoring claims to conclusion.

Alliant Reinsurance Claims Services

  • Pre-submission review of cedent claim notices for coverage and anticipated loss and expense allocations.
  • Review of loss details against the cedant reinsurance structure to facilitate prompt notice to appropriate reinsurer(s).
  • Proactive communication with cedent claim teams to provide timely reporting and appropriate reserving.
    Advisement on complex and high exposure claims with all parties in the process.
  • Participation and attendance cedant claim audits and reviews with reinsurers.
  • Paid claim/paid settlement review in conjunction with reinsurance accounting to ensure accurate billing and application of reinsurer payments.
  • Actively work with both cedants and reinsurers to resolve disputed claims and collections while advocating for a fair resolution for all parties.

Contact us at our general claims mailbox for cedant reports and reinsurer inquiries.