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Employee Benefits

Health & Productivity

Strike a new workplace equilibrium


Implementing a strategic, data-driven well-being initiative should be an investment that drives value—not just another expense with no return. Our consultants are innovative experts, focused on ensuring your programs act as the foundation needed to ensure your workforce is happy, healthy, and productive amid an evolving definition of wellness.

Your employees’ health reflects the health of your business

We deliver empowering and engaging well-being programs, curated to your population’s unique health profile and needs. Working with your benefits team and HR, DEIB, finance, and risk management departments, our nimble approach to evidence-based strategy ensures alignment between your people and your business objectives.

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Holistic health from the nation’s leading vendors

We understand high-performing employers focus on workforce prosperity, health, and safety to gain a competitive edge. That’s why we’ve partnered with the nation’s top wellness vendors who address evolving health conditions, giving you peace of mind and the value you're looking for and delivering the solutions your people deserve.

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Health & Productivity: Core Services

With our comprehensive, proprietary data analytics platforms that are simple to use, we transform readily available data into powerful insights that will help you see where you’ve been and where you could be.

Our robust Health & Productivity team is here for you in a range of ways:

  • General consulting and support for program planning based on the unique footprint of your organization, your workforce, and your priorities
  • Building strategies and initiatives that address the complexities of social determinants of health and incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Partner with our clinical risk consultants to identify opportunities for cost containment and plan utilization optimization
  • Strategic consulting and collaboration across corporate disciplines to enhance strategy and leverage value-based solutions and implement best practices with best-in class vendor procurement
  • Turnkey platform solutions that alleviate the administrative burden of education and communication, wellness challenges, fitness data importing, and more!