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Specialized Expertise in M&A Insurance and Technology Risk Advisory 

Headquartered in New York City with team members across the country, our mergers and acquisitions and technology risk advisory team offers a wide array of specialized mergers & acquisitions risk solutions serviced by experienced professionals dedicated to the unique risk management needs associated with your deal.

Sealing Deals with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Two businessmen shaking hands, symbolizing successful partnerships and secure transactions.

Transaction Liability and Tax Insurance for Mergers and Acquisitions

We strategically use insurance capital to help facilitate mergers & acquisitions transactions including representations and warranties insurance, tax liability insurance, litigation and other contingent risk insurance, environmental liability insurance, as well as other related coverage.

Empowering Decisions with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Group in a conference room, discussing secure deals and risk management.

Mergers and Acquisitions Procurement Initiatives

Our centralized private equity placement hub is designed to leverage the buying power of individual private equity clients as well as our collective pool of private equity owned companies.

Growth Opportunities with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | View of New York's skyline, symbolizing financial progress and secure partnerships.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Pre-Close Due Diligence 

We provide comprehensive, integrated due diligence focused on employee benefits, and property and casualty insurance. Our due diligence services include technology, cybersecurity and privacy M&A due diligence which are designed to provide CXO perspectives into navigating risk as a potential buyer.

Strategic Planning with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Businessmen in a conference room, discussing secure deals and risk management.

Post-Acquisition M&A Account Management and Risk Advisory Services

Providing property & casualty and employee benefits brokerage as well as post-acquisition cybersecurity risk management services for portfolio companies focused on identifying ways to reduce cost while mitigating mergers & acquisitions risk.

Efficiently Managing Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Professional woman working on a computer, handling secure deals and risk solutions.

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