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Alliant Cyber provides clients with access to a true cyber risk management ecosystem to better meet their cyber insurance goals.

Pre-acquisition Due Diligence

Robust technology, business applications and cybersecurity due diligence of a potential target is imperative to uncover investment thesis misalignment or security weaknesses in the face of escalating cyber threats and regulatory expectations. Whether you're assessing established divisions, acquiring new companies, or streamlining operations by divesting units, our comprehensive range of pre-acquisition due diligence services provides organizations with a greater understanding of their cybersecurity risks to help prevent operational limitations from negatively impacting their thesis

Comprehensive Technology and Cyber Due Diligence

Traditional due diligence often misses crucial threats or material weaknesses, leaving investments vulnerable to hidden technology and cyber risks and unplanned costs. Alliant's comprehensive technology and cyber due diligence goes beyond the surface to uncover growth-stifling technical debt, potential cyber vulnerabilities and misallocated resources.

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Tailored Due Diligence Aligned with Your Investment Thesis 

Our streamlined methodology tailors the diligence scope against your investment thesis, timing and priorities to deliver actionable insights. Our focused analysis across key information technology, backend office and proprietary applications (including Artificial Intelligence enabled proprietary applications), and cybersecurity areas measures the target’s ability to execute against the thesis and our pragmatic recommendations highlight material gaps and the cost to address them.

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Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Services


Our investment recommendations are a prescriptive set of pragmatic activities aligned with the investment lifecycle including pre-deal remediation and those required within the First 100 days post close in order to uplift/stabilize the technology stack or address material risks to the business.

Benchmarking the target against proven industry frameworks helps to deliver a consistent approach during due diligence when time with management is limited. Alliant’s enhanced CIS Framework delivers key control performance measurement across 21 critical cyber controls and is complemented by our external threat assessment and deep dark web analysis to identify potential material cyber risks to the deal.

Our team understands that not all customers are technologists equipped to interpret complex IT and cybersecurity jargon found in due diligence reports. As former operators, our senior team of consultants bring CXO perspectives to the table creating executive level reports that are both consumable and actionable for our financially focused stakeholders. Target is analyzed across deal thesis alignment, strength of management team, execution capabilities and ability to scale.