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Employee Benefits


Pharmacy innovation that delivers real value


With 70 percent of U.S. adults needing to take at least one prescription drug per day, pharmacy benefits are one of the most desired, and expensive, employee benefits. This can make your pharmacy contract one of your biggest challenges—but it doesn’t have to be.

Complement your strategy with industry perspective

Alliant’s Pharmacy team is an incredible advantage, consisting of industry experts, pharmacists, and data specialists who deliver marketplace perspectives and vendor capabilities, as well as valuable practical and clinical knowledge to find the best price and contract arrangements.

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Make better decisions…faster

Within evolving marketing conditions, we deliver holistic pharmacy solutions, where knowledge of those changing conditions and continuous development go hand-in-hand. We provide comprehensive and strategic advocacy-based pharmacy management, data-driven and dynamic innovation, and the industry agility you need to help optimize program performance that actually aligns with your business goals and your people, quickly.

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Pharmacy Practice: Core Services

Our accumulated purchasing power, strategic collaborations, and dynamic partnerships allow us to deliver the comprehensive consulting you need to ensure your overall benefits strategy, pharmacy program design, and cost management solutions work for you. From procurement and strategic support, to operational and claims audits, to due diligence and renewals, we support you through the entire life cycle of your program.

Leave the heavy lift to us. We offer several Group Purchasing Solutions for organizations of all sizes and funding structures with no fees for analysis. With Alliant’s market-leading intelligence sources, we help level the playing field by pre-negotiating contracts with pricing guarantees and a best-in-class service model. Our approach keeps Alliant agnostic by not owning our own coalition and putting the client’s needs first.

With our comprehensive, proprietary data analytics platforms that are simple to use, we transform readily available data into powerful insights that will help you see where you’ve been and where you could be.