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Surety Bonds

As the #1 contract surety bond broker in the world, our long-term executive level relationships give us unparalleled access with key trading partners - providing you with an edge in today’s crowded market.

A Trusted Partner in Contractor Surety Bonds

The success of any surety bonds insurance program is predicated on trust, understanding and commitment in the credit relationship. We partner, collaborate and support the surety needs of over 500 surety clients each year, providing the most reliable and relevant offerings in the marketplace.

A group of surety brokers discuss contractor bonds and surety bonds.

Valuable Experience in the Surety Bonds Market

With creativity, broad industry experience and specialized expertise, we leverage the power of our nationwide network of surety bonds professionals to help you navigate the surety bonds insurance market and deploy the right solutions for your business.

Superior contractor bonds and surety bonds insurance placements.

Surety Bonds Insurance Solutions

Alliant is the largest and fastest growing surety broker in the United States, placing over $285 million of contract surety premium into the market annually. We specialize in structuring contractor surety programs that deliver the maximum credit necessary for you to capitalize on strategic opportunities. Knowing that every business is different, we carefully evaluate your company’s strengths, and craft customized solutions to optimize your capital structure and achieve your desired goals.

Our surety bonds experts help you get the most appropriate terms, conditions and pricing for the best overall program, enabling you to:

  • Increase surety bond capacity
  • Ensure greater flexibility on surety credit terms and conditions
  • Enhance your company’s overall financial performance
  • Capitalize on opportunities in the construction market
  • Connect to new business partnerships
  • Improve relationships with banks and credit providers
  • Actively drive successful outcomes on claims and subcontractors disputes

Giving you the edge in today’s challenging surety bonds market, our team has the experience, financial strength and trading volume needed to create the best surety outcomes for your business. As your surety bonds partner, we deliver the most advantageous program terms to maximize your growth potential. Knowing that every business is different, we carefully evaluate your company’s strengths, and craft customized solutions to optimize your capital structure and achieve your desired goals. We represent a wide variety of clients including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, financial institutions, processors, transportation, telecommunications, and energy.

To meet your commercial surety bond needs, we provide:

  • Advance Payment Bonds
  • Appeal Bonds
  • Closure/Post-Closure
  • Commercial Contract Bond
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Letter of Credit Replacement
  • Financial Guarantee Bonds
  • Bank Guarantee Replacement
  • Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Bonds
  • Customs Bonds
  • Purchase Order Guarantees
  • Subdivision Bonds
  • Lost Instrument Bonds
  • Notary Public Bonds
  • Environmental & Reclamation Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Service & Supply Contracts
  • Plaintiff Undertakings
  • Insurance Program Bonds
  • Reclamation Bonds

Our international surety experts have a deep understanding of the construction marketplace, the associated risks of each local market, and ways to manage and mitigate those risks in order to compete and grow on the international stage. For US-based firms that are active internationally, international surety requirements can present challenges. Overseas surety bonds tend to be more “pay on demand” obligations vs. conditional bonds, which are the norm in North America. Likewise, international firms entering the US market face challenges with US-specific laws regarding the requirement for 100% bonds.

To meet your international surety bond needs, we provide:

  • Bid/Tender Bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Pay on Demand Bonds
  • Maintenance/Warranty bonds
  • Customs bonds
  • Replacing LOC’s with surety bonds
  • Bank/Surety Syndication