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Cyber Insurance 

Alliant Cyber helps clients identify, evaluate, remediate, transfer and respond to the cyber risks that matter most to their organization, while driving better cyber risk management and cybersecurity insurance outcomes.

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Custom Cybersecurity Insurance and Risk Management Solutions


Through access to our integrated and multi-disciplinary team, comprised of leaders with cyber risk management, security, control and cyber insurance brokerage expertise, Alliant Cyber helps clients identify, evaluate and navigate the operational and financial impacts of a potential cyber-attack. Our understanding of the cyber industry allows us to deliver industry-leading tailored risk remediation, management and transference solutions to assist clients in all phases of their cyber risk management journey.



Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

To accelerate our clients’ cyber insurance and risk management programs, Alliant Cyber starts with a holistic and thorough cybersecurity risk assessment and analysis of the most critical cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities. This includes a focus on human factors, business processes and technology dependencies. A key component of the Alliant Cyber approach includes identifying and considering the cyber security control objectives and architectures that have the greatest impact on enhancing the organization’s cyber risk posture. 


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Evaluating Your Cybersecurity Insurance Needs

Alliant Cyber leverages an innovative approach to cyber risk quantification, which enables our clients to make informed business decisions on cyber risk management. Through our risk modeling and monitoring, clients can establish their risk tolerance measured in financial terms and make rationalized decisions on their approach to cyber security controls and cyber insurance coverage. Alliant Cyber enables the organization to continuously evaluate, quantify and recalibrate its cyber risk management program, through the use of innovative tools and solutions. 

Evaluating and exceeding your cybersecurity insurance and risk management needs.

Enhancing Your Cyber Risk Management Profile

Our clients benefit from better cyber insurability outcomes, in addition to enhanced organizational cyber resilience and posture in the face of emerging threats. Alliant Cyber provides clients with access to a true cyber risk management ecosystem, which integrates our cybersecurity insurance brokerage capabilities with guidance, solutions and expertise to meet cyber risk and transference objectives. Our process enables our clients to enhance their cyber security controls, architecture and strategy through our deep cyber risk management and security expertise, partnerships and capabilities.

Alliant Cyber provides clients with access to a true cyber risk management ecosystem to better meet their cyber insurance goals.

Extensive Knowledge of Cyber Transfer Solutions

Alliant Cyber uses our extensive industry-specific expertise to help our clients navigate the evolving cybersecurity insurance market. We bring a transformative cyber risk management approach to the table. The Alliant Cyber methodology integrates cyber risk, quantification, security and control solutions, helping our clients identify and remediate security vulnerabilities prior to presenting their risk to the cybersecurity insurance market. This methodology enables our clients to build better cyber risk management programs and achieve their cyber insurability objectives.

Alliant Cyber uses our extensive industry-specific expertise to  navigate the cyber insurance market.

Cyber Risk Response & Recovery Solutions

Supported by our integrated teams and solutions, our services help clients address financial, operational, reputational and regulatory consequences of a cyber-attack. Alliant Cyber empowers clients with access to a wide array of solutions, services, guidance and support throughout the cyber incident management process. Our process prepares clients for a potential cyber-attack, incident, or breach, including the critical aspects of cyber incident preparation, testing, response, recovery and overall resilience.   

Our cybersecurity risk management helps clients prepare for and recover from any cyber threats.
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