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Employee Benefits

Absence, Disability, and Life

Supporting employees, improving businesses


With decades of expertise, a dedicated compliance team, and a partnership mindset, we successfully help you navigate the fast-changing environment of Absence, Disability, and Life programs with customized support and an emphasis on total employee wellbeing.

Managing leave complexities doesn’t have to be complicated

Alliant’s team is composed of consultants, project managers, actuaries, underwriters, and legal and compliance professionals who deliver streamlined administration of solutions and navigation of evolving local, state, and federal regulatory landscapes.

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Seamless integration. Leveraged buying power

We deliver comprehensive support through a full suite of leave solutions with leveraged buying power—relieving direct lift for you. We help you create cost-effective strategies that fit with your culture and organizational goals.

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ADL Practice: Core Services

We offer multiple tiers of services ranging from plan design to fully customized support from a dedicated, robust team of experts in all areas of leave management solutions.

Our proprietary solution, Alliant Leave Advantage (ALA), offers subscription-based service with compliance support and resources, providing enrolled employers with timely and practical support for federal, state, and local leave requirements. ALA can also support your custom leave needs through a variety of project work services.

We offer solutions for a variety of leave situations and employee benefits programs, including:

  • Disability (short/long-term)
  • PTO and Absence programs
  • State-mandated programs, e.g., Paid Family Leave
  • Life insurance
  • Funding arrangements
  • Dental, vision, student loan programs, long-term care options, and so much more!