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Proactive vigilance across the portfolio after an M&A deal closes is essential to ensure cyber resilience.

Proactive vigilance across the portfolio after an M&A deal closes is essential to ensure cyber resilience. The Alliant Portfolio Protect program shifts cyber assessments from reactive snapshots to proactive, risk-based insights. Our award-winning platform blends leading technology and advisory services to provide real-time visibility into each portfolio company's cybersecurity posture, empowering better oversight and resource allocation.

Improved Portfolio Company Security Posture

Whether you are evaluating existing divisions, acquiring companies, or divesting units, our Portfolio Cybersecurity Surveillance program rapidly and efficiently provides organizations with a greater understanding of their cybersecurity risks to help prevent operational changes from negatively impacting their security posture. 

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Tiered Approach to Portfolio Company Cyber Security Risk Management

Our tiered approach ensures program objectives are aligned with the sponsor’s priorities and budgets. Each tier provides the sponsor and their portfolio company with tailored access to best-in-class technology and advisory services to provide CFOs and operators with real-time data, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding portfolio cyber security risk.

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Cyber Security Risk Management Expertise

Our seasoned consultants have over 20 years of experience as operators and consultants, enabling them to anticipate and address your post-close M&A-related security questions.

Portfolio Cybersecurity Surveillance Services

Designed to Preserve M&A Investment Value by providing PE portfolio companies access to cybersecurity subject matter expertise, real-time visibility into cybersecurity protections across the portfolio, aligning cyber maturity with cyber insurability.

Through a tech-enabled approach, our process efficiently identifies material gaps and offers pragmatic outcomes by:

  • Establishing tailored maturity targets at each portfolio company based on key risk factors (i.e. industry, legal and regulatory responsibilities, etc.).
  • Benchmarking current state against the target. Co-creating actionable remediation roadmaps.
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of progress against the roadmap.