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2024 Global Health Review - Medical Trends

By Philippe de Dreuzy, SVP, Alliant Global Practice Leader / November 14, 2023

Employee medical costs have a huge potential to impact the bottom line. If your company has global locations, insight into countries’ medical trends can help to contain and predict premium spend.

Together with our partners at Asinta, Alliant’s Global Benefits team compiled a 2024 Global Health Review (Medical Trend Rate Edition) which covers medical trends for 55 countries. ‘Medical trend rate’ is defined as the predicted change in health plans’ per capita claims costs and is one of the three main drivers of premium spend.

In the current economic environment characterized by inflation, adverse claims activity, economic uncertainty, and a tight labor market, companies find themselves in a challenging position. The report dives into our step-by-step approach to striking the balance between responsible spending and providing competitive benefits.

Request a copy of the report here.