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Alliant Announces Acquisition of Seafax, Inc.

By Alliant

Information and reports aggregator

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. has announced the purchase of Seafax, Inc., a leading provider of credit information and accounts receivable management services. Seafax has been a dominant presence in the food industry for over 35 years and has expanded to multiple verticals, including energy, logistics, and textiles.

Alliant Chairman and CEO Tom Corbett stated: “Seafax has extensive experience and knowledge in managing sophisticated credit information reporting programs, making the company a valuable addition to Alliant and aligning with the Alliant growth and acquisition strategy.”

“The Seafax platform gives clients insights into a potential customer’s financial stability as well as payment history, thus helping to protect our clients’ downside,” said Peter Arkley, President, Alliant Specialty. “The synergies between Seafax and our recently formed Alliant Trade Credit Group underpins our commitment to the credit risk sector and, most importantly, our clients. The information available through Seafax will empower clients with the business intelligence and expertise needed for strategic planning and operational success.”

Seafax President James Bonnvie stated: “We are excited to be part of the Alliant team. The Alliant suite of services will be of great value to our existing customers. Our knowledge and expertise in both the credit information and accounts receivable management sectors will be beneficial to the existing Alliant customer base.”

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.