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News Release

​Alliant Awarded Liability Insurance Contract for FAA and its Independent Contract Tower Operators

By Alliant

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) selects Alliant as broker of record/contractor

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Alliant Insurance Services has been awarded the FAA Contract Tower (FCT) Liability Insurance Contract effective July 1, 2020. Alliant was the incumbent on the rebid and has been the vendor/contractor since March 2015.

The Alliant team works closely with the FAA throughout the year by providing technical assistance to the FCT Program Office in all aspects of the aviation liability insurance program, including, but not limited to, claim management services, insurance brokerage, and advisory services.

“Our position as one of the largest Public Entity brokers in the country, combined with our expertise in specialty verticals, such as construction, aviation, energy, and marine, make Alliant the perfect partner for federal accounts,” said Peter Arkley, President of Alliant Specialty. “We deliver services like no other broker can. We deliver not only because we aren’t limited by geography, but because of our unique expertise and discipline.”

“Alliant looks forward to working on behalf of the FAA for efficiencies and enhancements to the program as it continues to grow and evolve over time,” said Regina Carter, Senior Vice President, Alliant. “The Federal Sector has a multitude of restrictive considerations in place, including a barrier to entry, which Alliant has been able to surpass and achieve in order to become the broker of record for the FAA.”

The FCT program was created in 1982 to allow airports that would be unable to afford the price of a traditional FAA-operated tower to enjoy the benefits of air traffic controller services. The program consists of 252 facilities located in 54 states and U.S. territories.