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News Release

Alliant Insurance Services to Launch Cyber P&C Specialty at RISKWORLD® Booth #2433

By Alliant / March 09, 2023

“Cyber Insurability 2.0” designed to help clients manage the complex, ever-changing cyber risk environment.


IRVINE, CA – Alliant Insurance Services announced it will launch its Cyber P&C specialty vertical at the RIMS® (Risk Management Society) RISKWORLD Conference, April 30-May 3 in Atlanta, GA. Alliant Cyber combines industry-leading consultative cyber risk and advisory services, risk quantification and third-party cyber security solutions with a cloud-based technology platform to deliver “Cyber Insurability 2.0,” an innovative new approach to cyber risk management.

“The cyber insurance market has seen an unprecedented rise in the frequency, breadth and depth of cyber claims,” said Jay Stampfl, Managing Director, Alliant Cyber. “Every business should include cyber risk quantification, business impact analysis and careful consideration of cyber risk management options when applying for or renewing cyber insurance.”

Alliant Cyber offers a comprehensive approach to cyber risk management and insurance brokerage, resulting in optimized insurability outcomes for clients and underwriters. The Alliant Cyber technology platform analyzes financial, operational and technical aspects of cyber risk and helps clients identify vulnerabilities and evaluate potential impacts of cyber-attacks.

“For clients across each of our 14 industry-dedicated verticals, having access to cyber risk specialists and a dedicated technology platform to pinpoint areas of exposure adds tremendous value to the brokerage and consulting services they receive from Alliant,” added Stampfl.

To learn more about Alliant Cyber, visit Alliant Insurance Services at RISKWORLD booth #2433 and