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News Release

​Jessie Guerrero Joins Alliant Insurance Services

By Alliant

Alliant adds significant expertise in the Power & Downstream segments

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Jessie Guerrero has joined Alliant Insurance Services as Senior Vice President, Energy & Marine. Located in the Houston office, Guerrero strengthens the depth of experience of the Alliant Energy & Marine team. His vast knowledge of all segments of the energy sector will be drawn upon to deliver enhanced consulting solutions for Alliant power and downstream clients. Guerrero will manage the placement of operational and construction coverages and provide strategic advice to power, LNG, downstream, and energy clients.

Guerrero’s extensive experience in both the private and public energy sectors is a notable expansion of knowledge to Alliant. “Jessie’s power generation competence, operations knowledge, and procurement management proficiencies add significant potency to our E&M Power team,” said John Ludwig, Co-COO, Alliant Specialty. “Jessie has cultivated longstanding relationships at the highest levels of customers and markets. His presence on the team places Alliant at the forefront of this sector.”

Prior to joining Alliant, Guerrero was a Managing Director in the energy practice for a global insurance brokerage firm. His expertise reaches across the entire spectrum of energy and heavy chemical. His passion is to provide strategic advice beyond the renewal, ensuring his clients have the best available information to make decisions.

Guerrero’s energy career includes construction project management of power plants, six sigma designations, energy asset trading, and he was the Director of Strategic Procurement for a large energy company with responsibility for the contractual relationship with EPCs and vendors to build simple cycle, combined cycle and renewable power plants, as well as environmental control projects for fossil plants.

Guerrero’s 30-plus year career began with hands-on operation and supervision of nuclear power plants on board U.S. Naval Submarines. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander and has been designated as a Chief Nuclear Engineering Officer by the Department of Naval Reactors.

Guerrero can be reached at (832) 317-4878 or