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In The Public Eye: Alliant Welcomes Mark Goode

By Alliant Specialty

Alliant welcomes Mark Goode as Senior Executive Vice President and Managing Director. Mark will lead the Alliant Public Entity Education & Pooling Practice, enabling public entity clients to find a more rewarding way to manage risk.

Introduction (00:00):
Welcome to the Alliant In the Public Eye podcast, a show dedicated to exploring risk management topics and challenges faced by today's public sector leaders. Here are your hosts, Carlene Patterson and Justin Swarbrick.

Dan Howell (00:18):
Hello, this is Dan Howell and I'm stepping in for Carlene Patterson and Justin Swarbrick today to host a special edition of In the Public Eye. I'm joined today by Mark Goode.

Mark Goode (00:31):
Good afternoon, everybody. It's my pleasure to be with you here this evening and also to join Alliant, as a part of their public entity education and pooling practice.

Dan Howell (00:43):
-And there you have it. Mark has joined Alliant, and I'm delighted that Mark is now a part of the Alliant team, and it really seems to be a great match for his interests and our interests. And I thought we'd offer Mark an opportunity today to just share a little bit about his vision of where public entity education and pooling practice can go under his leadership at Alliant.

Mark Goode (01:08):
Again, sorry, it’s my pleasure to be here. As a little bit of background: Previously I was with a competitor, Willis Towers Watson running their public entity practice for North America. I have known Alliant and the operation for many years and have always been impressed with the capabilities and services of that firm, and their significant involvement in the public entity world. So, it's my pleasure to join forces with them, to bring to our clients, as well as prospects, an extremely significant presence in the public entity education and pooling practice.

Dan Howell (01:41):
You know, maybe you could comment for a moment on the challenges. I mean, this market has been tough on our clients. I mean, sure, we work hard placing the policies, but this has just been really tough times. Maybe you have some thoughts on what we're seeing.

Mark Goode (01:56):
Yeah, no, no doubt Dan. I mean, in my entire career, this is definitely the hardest market, you know, that I've ever seen. And while I've got a lot of years of experience, even people more senior than myself, tell me that it's perhaps the most difficult one that they've seen as well. I think, perhaps, we're seeing some signs now that maybe we're getting towards the end of it in the way of rate adequacy. So, I think our news with clients is, perhaps moving forward will be a little more positive. We've always prided ourselves in keeping our clients abreast of what's going on in the market and looking at it as a partnership- a partnership between the client, the broker and the markets that are on that account, and nobody likes surprises. Having those clients with us in lockstep all along the way, they clearly knew through conversations that they were engaged with, directly with the markets of what was going on. And while nobody liked it, we didn't like it, the client didn't like it, but they knew that they were still getting the best possible program, you know, with our involvement. And again, there were no surprises.

Dan Howell (02:59):
Well, I think you're going to be able to continue that success and that philosophy and client approach with Alliant. We certainly agree that engaging the clients in the underwriting process and having those relationships with markets is a powerful thing. I just know that we're going to be really strong together in the marketplace to benefit our clients together. Before we close, I just want to ask you, when we don't find you in the insurance market, where are we going to find you, Mark Goode, outside of work? Just a little flavor for the client.

Mark Goode (03:33):
Well, outside is the operative word. In my spare time, as little as that may be, I enjoy outside activities: boating, fishing, playing any number of sports, any type of outside activity.

Dan Howell (03:46):
With that, I think I'll sign off. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce Mark to our In the Public Eye friends and listeners.

Mark Goode (03:56):
-And Carlene, all the best to you. It's a pleasure to be working with you again.

Outro (04:01):
Thank you for listening, and for more information, go to


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