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Safeguard Your Organization with Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Kidnap & Ransom insurance can provide protection and support against the financial impact of sudden and unexpected expenses related to kidnapping, extortion or ransom. Coverage doesn’t merely reimburse for payment of a ransom demand, but covers other expenses such as the victims’ medical costs, expenses for security consultants and crisis response teams, interest on money borrowed to pay the ransom and liability protection for actions brought by a kidnap victim.

Kidnap & Ransom insurance can provide protection against the financial impact of a kidnapping and ransom event.

Specialized Expertise in Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Our expert team has the technical and market expertise to ensure your kidnap and ransom coverage is as cost effective as possible, but still broad enough to encompass your organization’s full risk profile. Our specialized professionals know the market like few others, and can work with you to tailor coverage to your specific needs - whether they’re at your doorstep or 3,000 miles away.​

The expertise of our team allows us to craft a highly-effective kidnap and ransom insurance policy for you.