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Employee Benefits

Member Solutions

We love helping companies grow and seeing people succeed. Our member support solutions are designed for both. With our personalized approach, multi-generational solutions, and integrated service model, we help your employees protect their health, their families, and their financial future.

Benefit Advocates

Your people and their health and well-being are at the heart of what we do. We help guide your employees through the complexity of their plans, answering the hard questions so they understand and get the most out of their benefits coverage. Alliant’s Benefit Advocates are fully HIPAA compliant and actively monitored.

Ready to leave the heavy lift to us? Contact our team today.

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Employee Communications

It’s no secret: Well-informed employees make better decisions regarding their benefits enrollment and are better healthcare consumers. Alliant’s employee communications are embedded in our core services, encouraging a seamless open enrollment experience for your people. Our educational resources are available year-round in print and online to help your workforce navigate complex decisions.


Make Open Enrollment a breeze.

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Alliant Individual Health Solutions

Alliant offers extensive resources and unmatched support as your partner in providing accessible care alternatives to employer-sponsored plans. Our dedicated team of licensed agents is comprised of real people, with real answers so your employees feel supported every step of the way.


Affordable health insurance is within reach for everyone. Find out how by visiting Alliant Individual Health Solutions today.

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Alliant Medicare Solutions

Choosing the right Medicare plan can be a challenge for your employees. They will have questions—from timing and enrollment, to understanding core plans vs. Medicare supplements, to how Medicare works if they still have access to employer coverage. Our licensed agents deliver the answers and peace of mind that matter most to your near-65 workforce, without impacting your bottom line.


Employees, as well as family members and friends, can rely on us to have a smooth transition to Medicare. Visit Alliant Medicare Solutions to learn more.

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Alliant Retirement Consulting

Life is dynamic, and retirement planning can be complex. Empower your employees, protect your fiduciary liability, and optimize the power of planning with Alliant Retirement Consulting.

Your future is in capable hands. Learn more about Alliant Retirement Consulting.

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