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Alliant Combines Specialty Practices, Forms Alliant Specialty Group

By Alliant

National specialty insurance group combines large portfolio of best-in-class practices under one powerful banner

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Alliant Insurance Services has combined its extensive portfolio of industry-focused specialty insurance practices under one banner, forming Alliant Specialty Group. The new structure creates one of the nation’s largest and most diverse specialty insurance operations. Alliant Specialty Group will be led by Peter Arkley of company’s industry-leading Construction Services Group.

“The delivery of customized, industry-focused risk and insurance solutions has been the cornerstone of our organization for more than 90 years,” said Tom Corbett, Chairman and CEO of Alliant. “Alliant Specialty Group solidifies our commitment to being the nation’s specialty insurance leader and builds out a solid foundation for future growth.”

Alliant Specialty Group encompasses some of America’s most highly regarded insurance practices and covers a broad range of industries and sectors, including public entities, construction, agribusiness, energy and marine, healthcare, real estate, and many more. The arrival of Alliant Specialty Group comes in the midst of an extensive expansion campaign for Alliant, which has seen the company grow significantly through organic growth, talent procurement, and new acquisitions.

According to Arkley, the genesis of Alliant Specialty Group will create powerful synergies as the company continues to grow and expand.

“The teams that comprise Alliant Specialty Group will benefit from shared resources and collaboration, enabling us to further enhance our service offerings and expertise,” says Arkley. “Additionally, our group will work in concert with our Alliant Americas, Alliant Employee Benefits, and Alliant Specialty Insurance Services (MGA) divisions to deliver an innovative, full-service platform that covers the entirety of our clients’ insurance, risk management, and consulting needs.”

The Alliant Specialty Group will feature a multifaceted leadership team of renowned industry experts:

Peter Arkley, President, Alliant Specialty Group

Richard Ferrucci, Vice Chairman, Alliant Specialty Group

Jeff Moench, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Alliant Specialty Group

Michael Cusack, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Alliant Specialty Group

John Ludwig, Senior Managing Director, Alliant Specialty Group