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News Release

Alliant Insurance Services Acquires KnowledgeVine, Delivers Human Performance Improvement Expertise

By Alliant / March 30, 2023

KnowledgeVine provides human error reduction technology and training to create sustainable safety cultures

IRVINE, CA — Alliant Insurance Services has acquired KnowledgeVine LLC, a leading provider of Human Performance Improvement (HPI) technology and training services designed to reduce the frequency and severity of workforce errors and improve workplace safety. KnowledgeVine’s proven HPI solutions will be available to Alliant customers focused in the commercial energy, utilities and construction industries.

“KnowledgeVine enables organizational success when it comes to reducing workforce errors through its proprietary software and expert safety coaching for office and field employees,” said Tom Corbett, Chairman and CEO of Alliant. “The addition of its risk reduction programs represents a significant value-add for Alliant clients across various commercial segments in enhancing their loss control efforts.”

KnowledgeVine’s portfolio of risk solutions, including its flagship REMEDY Learning System and STAR Driver programs, help businesses implement Human Performance Improvement tools that align human standards and behaviors to help reduce human error on the job.

“KnowledgeVine products are effective in improving employee safety through our powerful combination of Human Performance Improvement technology plus the training and coaching to apply learned methods in employees’ job settings,” said David Bowman, CEO. “We look forward to extending our proven workplace safety programs to the industry-leading risk solutions that Alliant offers its customers.”

KnowledgeVine and its team will join Alliant and continue to service clients from its Zachary, Louisiana, headquarters.