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News Release

Chad Neale Joins Alliant Insurance Services

By Alliant

Cyber and IT mergers & acquisitions expert brings new capabilities

IRVINE, CA — Chad Neale has joined Alliant Insurance Services as a Senior Vice President, Alliant Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), one of the 13 Alliant industry-dedicated verticals. Neale will lead our IT and Cyber M&A services, which include IT due diligence, cybersecurity due diligence, and post-acquisition risk and resiliency advisory work. This new offering will drive investment value and preservation through specialized risk mitigation and transfer services throughout the investment lifecycle.

“With Chad joining Alliant, we are now able to offer a consolidated approach, including cybersecurity and IT due diligence in with our traditional insurance, benefits and transactional risk due diligence,” says Jonathan Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Alliant M&A. “When our private equity firms are in the throes of a deal, minutes matter, and we are giving them back significant time each day with this bundled service offering.”

Neale comes to Alliant with over 20 years of cybersecurity risk management experience serving clients from the Fortune 500 to private equity and portfolio companies, and everything in the in-between. Prior to Alliant, Neale was a Partner for a leading financial services governance, risk and compliance advisor focused on serving private firms and portfolio companies. With a specialization in private markets and a background in navigating complex regulatory environments from both a consultant and operator perspective, Neale brings a broad and unique point of view to the topic of security/privacy and a passion to helping organizations mitigate their exposure to security risks.

We recently recorded a podcast series with Neale that contains more information about his experience and this new offering, which can be found here. He also recorded an additional podcast about managing cybersecurity and IT risk in the M&A process, which can be found here.