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Alliant P&C Podcasts

By Alliant

Our team of industry specialists dive into the most pressing issues facing businesses today, providing analysis and practical tips on topics ranging from cyber to workers' compensation and everything in between. With each episode clocking in at just 10-15 minutes, you can stay informed on-the-go, no matter how busy your schedule.


Featured Podcasts: 

Navigating the SEC’s New Data Privacy Rules for Financial Entities

How will the SEC’s new data privacy rules under Regulation S-P impact financial entities? David Finz and Steve Levine unpack the regulations for enhanced client data protection, quick breach notifications and incident response plans, effective July 15. They discuss the vital role of third-party risk management and explore the insurance implications, highlighting coverage areas in cyber and D&O policies. Alliant offers specialized services to help clients ensure their compliance with these regulations and strengthen their incident response strategies.


Battling Black Basta - Cyber Threats and D&O Insurance Insights

The Black Basta ransomware group has become a significant concern, prompting the issuance of a joint Cybersecurity Advisory. Join Steve Shappell and David Finz, Alliant Claims & Legal, as they discuss the escalating concern surrounding the Black Basta ransomware syndicate and its implications for cyber risk management. Originating from Russia, this group has been targeting healthcare and critical infrastructure sectors, prompting a joint cybersecurity advisory from several U.S. agencies. The advisory provides technical details and mitigation strategies to help organizations protect their data and networks. They also explore the importance of precise policy language in D&O insurance, especially in cases involving bankruptcy and prior acts, emphasizing the need for meticulous scrutiny to ensure comprehensive coverage.


Specialty Lending Practice - Solutions for Lending Firms Operating in Niche Markets

What is specialty lending? Ron Borys and Ryan Farnsworth welcome two new colleagues, Michael R. Smith and Caroline Keener, who are spearheading Alliant’s recently announced specialty lending practice. They discuss the goals and focus of the practice and the importance of tailored risk solutions for non-bank lending institutions, along with the market dynamics and strategies for maximizing coverage while minimizing costs.


Beyond the Hype - Evaluating AI for Real Value in Acquisitions

Chad Neale, Alliant M&A, welcomes Haytham Allos, Chief Technology Officer at, to discuss the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI systems prevalent today and strategies for evaluating AI enabled applications during due diligence. From dissecting the technology stack to assessing talent shortages and data security challenges, they provide insight for navigating challenges involved with AI-driven businesses.


Common Ways Organizations Use NIST Standards and Frameworks Today

Join CJ Dietzman and Howard Miller, Alliant Cyber, as they welcome Ronald Ross, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to discuss the pivotal role of building cyber resilience within your organization. Learn what the future holds for NIST and the evolving threat landscape, as well as how NIST empowers businesses to strengthen their cyber defenses.