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Alliant P&C Podcasts

By Alliant

Our team of industry specialists dive into the most pressing issues facing businesses today, providing analysis and practical tips on topics ranging from cyber to workers' compensation and everything in between. With each episode clocking in at just 10-15 minutes, you can stay informed on-the-go, no matter how busy your schedule.


Featured Podcasts: 

Careers in Claims Administration: Making A Difference

Karen Caterino welcomes Irina Simpson, Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer with PMA Management Corp., to take an inside look at the role of a Chief Claims Officer. Irina walks through her career journey and how risk and insurance careers can provide stability through socio-economic changes. She discusses internship opportunities and details on her firm’s extensive training program, work/life balance as well as how a career in claims management has a positive impact on people and businesses.


How Reps & Warranties Insurance Benefits Mergers & Acquisitions

Ron Borys and Ryan Farnsworth, Alliant Financial Institutions, welcome Jacob Borth, Alliant M&A, to discuss reps and warranties insurance in financial services transactions. The team discuss the current state of the Reps & Warranties Insurance (RWI) market and nuances of transactional risk insurance including ideal consumers, risk exposures, deal size and what buyers can do to differentiate themselves in a soft market.


Navigating Life Sciences D&O from Biotech Boom to Biotech Bankruptcies

From the biotech boom to biotech bankruptcies, what is the current state of the D&O market for life sciences companies? What are the factors that we expect will continue in the year ahead? Join Rich Leavitt and Andrew Sousa, Alliant Lifesciences, as they welcome Steve Shappell, Alliant Claims & Legal, to discuss market stability, claims trends, recommended coverages for buyers and boards and current challenges including limited access to capital affecting directors and officers.


Navigating Cyber in 2024 - Predictions for Trends and Challenges

2024 will be a year dominated by threat actors leveraging artificial intelligence, deepfakes and advanced phishing attacks. Join CJ Dietzman, Brendan Hall and Bobby Horn, Alliant Cyber, as they discuss their cyber 2024 predictions. The team examines regulatory shifts, cloud vulnerabilities, talent scarcity and elevated geopolitical risks, including the sophisticated threat of deepfakes.


Cyber Threat Considerations from Former FBI Agent

CJ Dietzman, Alliant Cyber, welcomes Tim Stranahan, former FBI Assistant Special Agent of North Carolina and current COO at Tekniam. Tim's 23-year FBI tenure offers an experienced perspective on cyber threats, trends and strategies. They discuss the evolving motives of cyber actors, looming threats in 2024 and emphasize the critical role of law enforcement in proactive risk management.