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Expertise in Construction Captives

In this challenging insurance marketplace, construction industry companies are increasingly looking for creative ways to either transfer or finance risk. Captives can play a powerful role in a construction company’s risk management program. Our team has the expertise to help you form an insurance captive.

Our team tailors wrap-ups and wrap up insurance services to each contractor, owner and project.

Inclusive Construction Captives Services 

Our captive services operate like an insurance company branch office, with cross-disciplinary capabilities in underwriting, risk management, loss control and finance management under one roof.

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Already a Captive Owner?

Assess how your business and risk management tactics have transformed since the captive was launched and ask yourself:

  • Is the captive aligned with changing corporate objectives?
  • How are other businesses in my industry using captives for risk?
  • Will my captive respond to emerging risks?​
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Construction Captive Solutions

  • Transform your insurance program into a profit center
  • Own and manage your insurance risk
  • Tailor coverage to meet your business needs
  • Create coverage for challenging business risks
  • Share in the potential underwriting profits and investment income on your business insurance
  • Gain greater control of risk management and claims
  • Heighten focus on loss prevention
  • Realize greater stability of premium rates​
  • Reduce cash flow volatility from underinsured or uninsured risks​