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Tailored Auto Physical Damage Insurance Solutions for Public Entities

The AMVP program is customized to meet the needs of small and medium-sized public entities with specialty fleets featuring a limited number of higher-valued vehicles. Since 1979, AMVP has served cities, universities, and water/wastewater districts with comprehensive coverage, public entity expertise, and competitive rates.

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Flexible Auto Physical Damage Insurance Solutions

AMVP offers your agency a rare commodity in auto physical damage insurance: the freedom to choose. Since participants in AMVP do not share risk, each entity has its own limits of insurance and a choice of deductibles. With competitive rates and no minimum participation requirement, you are protected from insurance market fluctuations and rising costs.

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Auto Physical Damage Insurance Program Features

Our strong carrier relationships, decades of experience, and vast resources empower us to offer one of the most feature-rich programs in the industry.

  • Fire trucks Ambulances/rescue vehicles
  • Other support vehicles or units
  • Mobile emergency command post
  • Hazardous materials vehicles/equipment

  • Sewer vacuums and rodders
  • Crane/lift vehicles
  • TV vans

  • Backhoes/loaders
  • Chipper trucks
  • Crane/lift vehicles
  • Dump trucks
  • Generators/compressors
  • Graders/rollers
  • Mobile equipment
  • Sign trailers
  • Sweepers

  • Private passenger vehicles
  • Light and other utility trucks