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Addressing Public Pool Liability Exposure

Even if the pooling organization has no staff and contracts with third parties that indemnify the pool, there is a liability exposure simply because the pooling organization exists. Our APPL program is designed to specifically address the exposures of public pool organizations and their governing bodies, including claims arising from failure to buy adequate insurance, claims handling errors and omissions, and board member versus board member actions.

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Public Pool Liability Solutions Developed for You

Our proprietary policy form responds to a pool’s exposure as it exists. From joint purchase agreements and risk sharing pools to risk retention and non-insurance approaches, we use our knowledge and creativity to develop and provide highly successful strategies, services, and products for you.

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Eligible Entities for Our Public Pool Liability Program

Eligible entities include risk-sharing pools, joint powers authorities (JPAs), joint insurance funds (JIFs), insurance trusts, inter-local agreements, self-insurance groups (SIGs), group purchasing programs, and non-profit group captives.

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