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EMMP delivers the specialized management tools, expertise, and support that maximizes equipment performance while typically saving 15% to 25% over conventional maintenance contract pricing.


In developing a customized program to meet your needs, our team analyzes your maintenance portfolio, maintenance agreements, historical maintenance expenditures (including out-of-scope services), and operational practices. Then we prepare a comprehensive maintenance insurance proposal that defines all standard coverage, optional coverage, and equipment specifically covered under the program, enabling you to cancel existing vendor maintenance agreements.



Simple and Efficient

When an equipment failure occurs, you call a toll-free service center number or request service online. Our claims administrator contacts your preferred service vendor to obtain an estimated time of arrival. After the equipment is repaired, the carrier pays the vendor directly for a covered repair or preventive maintenance work.


Purchasing Power

By working with carriers and administrators that are experts in equipment maintenance coverage—and by leveraging the volume buying power of the combined group members—we deliver superior coverage at significantly lower rates than you could get from an equipment maintenance vendor on your own.


Key Benefits

  • Saves 15% to 25% over conventional contract pricing
  • Eliminates duplication and cost inefficiencies of multiple service contracts
  • Improves budgeting with fixed annual costs
  • Improves management of equipment with decreased cost, increased equipment uptime, and extended useful life expectancy
  • Allows you to use your preferred service vendor
  • Provides real-time, online reports
  • Customized program to meet your entity’s needs


Typical Equipment Covered

  • General Office: Fax machines, automated filing systems, collating machines, microfiche and microfilm units, plotters, printers, shredders
  • Security: Alarm systems, card access systems, video surveillance, vaults and safes
  • Information Technology: Servers, mainframes, PCs and peripherals, hubs/switches, routers, multiplexers
  • Mail Room: Mail machines, addressing systems, inserter systems, labeling systems, bar-coding equipment, binding machines, bursters/cutters, collators/decollators
    Communication: Telephone systems, voice mail systems, audio/visual systems, intercoms