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Fiduciary Liability Insurance Cost Savings

With extensive experience in creating joint purchase insurance programs for public entities, we leverage the combined size of the program’s membership and long-term relationships with insurance carriers to deliver broad fiduciary liability insurance coverage, with savings that averages 25% below market for standalone policies.

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Greater Stability in Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Because our fiduciary liability insurance program (FLIP) is a group purchase and not a pool, participants do not share risk, which means greater stability as the insurance market fluctuates. The combined size of the fiduciary liability insurance program helps to ensure the most competitive structure in both hard and soft markets. In addition, you have your own limits of liability and a choice of deductibles or self-insured retention.

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Qualifying Organizations for Our Fiduciary Liability Insurance Program

Eligible risk classes for our fiduciary liability insurance program (FLIP) include but are not limited to Public Employee Retirement Systems (PERS), State Teachers Retirement Systems (STRS), standalone retirement systems, fire/police pension systems, states, counties, cities, and special districts.

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