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Hospital All Risk Property Group Purchase Power

Hospital All Risk Property Program (HARPP) is a group purchase program with no risk sharing and no possibility of future assessments. The program mimics individual placements in that each participant has its own limits. The benefits available to hospitals are based upon the principles of an impressive total insurable value of $21 billion, large premium volume, and spread of risk.

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Flexible Hospital All Risk Property Coverage

The policy can provide coverage for all property of every description of an insurable nature—both real and personal—of the insured. Coverage also includes property of others in the care, custody, or control of the insured for which the insured is liable or under obligation to keep insured wherever located in the United States.

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Hospital All Risk Property Coverage Program Features

  • Replacement cost for physical damage
  • Automatic acquisition of new locations
  • Blanket fine arts coverage
  • Course of construction coverage
  • Property appraisals every three years
  • Boiler and machinery included
  • Additional coverage for pollution-related risks
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Hospital Crime Program Coverage

Providing discounted rates and long-term stability, this program offers coverage for employee dishonesty, faithful performance for district hospitals, theft, forgery and alteration, computer fraud, and coverage for volunteers and board members​.

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