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Pollution Liability Insurance for Moving and Storing Energy Products

As an adjunct to traditional pollution liability insurance and marine liability policies, transport and pollution liability insurance coverage is designed to protect our insureds from both direct and indirect environmental liabilities resulting from sudden, accidental, or gradual pollution releases that occur while goods make their way through the chain of commerce.

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Specialized Pollution Liability and Transport Insurance Expertise

As specialized industry experts, we serve commodity traders (buyers and sellers), shippers, transporters and arrangers.

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Pollution Liability Insurance Coverage

While environmental risk is great in scope, this comprehensive coverage supplements a standard marine liability policy by including: 

  • Legal liabilities for hazardous goods or products while being transported, held in storage (temporary or permanent), delayed at customs, or held for trans-shipments
  • Assurance of contractually assumed risk of loss for hazardous goods or products, either on the buy or sell side, regardless of geography
  • Counterparties’ inability to fund its share of environmental losses
  • Counterparties’ ability to contractually limit its obligations for environmental damages Legal defense expenses of the assured and other contractually obligated parties, incurred as a result of an alleged environmental act, without regard to fault
  • Mislabeling, misrepresentation, or misdeclared goods is deemed a breach warranty under the COGSA
  • The 1994 changes to the York Antwerp rules preclude an allowance for environmental liabilities from the property involved in the maritime adventure when a General Average is declared by the vessel owner
  • Damage to the environment or associated actions that may be brought under Natural Resource
  • Damages or Environmental Damages Act or similar statutes throughout the world