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Transportation Insurance

Trucking Insurance

Alliant delivers exclusive trucking insurance programs that reward fleets for safe operations.

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Trucking Insurance for the Modern Truck Fleet

We provide unique trucking insurance solutions that are customized to fit the needs of all types of operations and fleet sizes.

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Exclusive Trucking Insurance Solutions

The market for excess layer coverage has become increasingly challenging. To address the current market conditions, Alliant Transportation has developed an EXCLUSIVE trucking insurance program offered through a leading A+ insurance provider to reward fleets with safe operations. This trucking insurance product protects trucking companies and provides a material return for fleets that invest in safety with the opportunity to earn a premium dividend through good driving behaviors. Limits up to $5M are available.

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Trucking Insurance that Rewards Safe Fleets

Nuclear verdicts and other industry forces have driven up the cost of insurance for all trucking companies. Many fleets investing in technology and safety are being adversely impacted through rising rates while very few programs are leveraging available data on fleet operations to better understand and quantify the risk. Alliant has developed trucking insurance solutions with A rated insurance providers and leading technology partners to help clients get the most out of existing data, including Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), telematics and cameras, to help ensure safe fleets are being rewarded.

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Data-Driven Trucking Insurance

Your existing ELDs are generating valuable data to demonstrate the safety of your operation. This data can be leveraged to optimize your overall trucking insurance and risk management program. Alliant has developed programs specifically designed to help you realize savings based on actual driving behavior, not losses, which can include factors outside of operators’ control.

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Trucking Insurance to Safeguard Your Business

Our goal is to provide comprehensive trucking insurance coverage and risk management strategies that safeguard your business against unexpected setbacks, minimize financial losses and allow you to focus on growing your business. We recognize that insurance is among a fleet’s most significant expenses—and that cost savings on insurance flow directly to your bottom line. We deliver cost competitive policies while also providing the opportunity to earn savings based on safe operations.

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Extensive Trucking Insurance Experience

Alliant Transportation brings decades of experience in a broad range of risk mitigation roles, including carrier expertise, insurance broking, motor carriers leadership and technology innovation. Our extensive background allows us to create high-quality trucking insurance solutions within the challenging transportation insurance market, addressing issues such as increasing premiums, nuclear verdicts, social inflation, medical inflations and congestion.

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Tailored Trucking Insurance Solutions

Alliant is positioned to offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of insurance and risk management solutions built on innovative thinking and personalized service. Our creativity and agility allow us to place products that are specifically tailored to the needs of our transportation client base, providing better results and the ability to capitalize on new opportunities to grow and protect their organizations.

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Trucking Insurance Additional Details

Program highlights include:

  • Excess limits of up to $5M are available
  • Potential for a premium return of up to 15% for safe driving behaviors
  • Based on actual driving activity as measured by existing electronic logging devices
  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of fleets with 50+ power units
  • Primary limits of $1M or $2M with deductibles up to $250,000
  • Alliant team will place a competitive underlying primary policy in addition to the excess policy

Alliant provides a full suite of risk management solutions for trucking operations. Our carrier partners provide insurance offerings that will satisfy all the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and your shipper and broker contracts. All federal and state filings are handled as well. Coverages available through Alliant include:

  • Auto Liability
  • Primary Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • General Liability
  • Cargo Legal Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Property
  • Occupational Accident
  • Physical Damage
  • Non-Trucking Liability
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Trucking Insurance for Small Fleets

Explore our trucking insurance program for small fleets that provides auto liability, general liability, cargo, workers' compensation coverage and more, all from a single source.

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