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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance that provides for financial loss following cancellation, postponement, abandonment, curtailment or disruption of an event, tradeshow, meeting, convention, or conference. This is an open peril coverage, meaning that unless a reason for cancellation is not specifically excluded, it will be covered.

Trade associations, professional associations, expo managers, event organizers, and association management firms.

Event Cancellation is an “all cause coverage,” covering circumstances beyond your control. This includes intense weather: hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, etc., earthquakes, wildfires, venue damage, venue unavailability, labor disputes, threats of acts of terrorism, non-appearance of a guest speaker, emergency travel, confiscation of the venue, penalties for failure to vacate, personal property, physical loss and more.

Forces beyond your control can jeopardize your plans, and you want to ensure your event revenues are protected at any cost.

  • Broad Definition of Coverage
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Worldwide Events (subject to policy terms and conditions)
  • Experienced Claims Management Team
  • Cyber Liability Coverage (optional)

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