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Related Benefits Consulting Services

Alliant’s approach to benefits strategy is simple: we’re here to help you manage the complexities and challenges of the healthcare and benefits landscapes, providing you a road map that aligns your diverse workforce’s needs to your business and financial objectives. Ultimately, you’ll get a strategy to produce the results you need, manage costs, and get the best value for your investment.

A strong link exists between the health of your employees and your organization’s financial health, and it is a constant challenge to support healthy behaviors under a healthcare system that provides very few incentives. With a team of clinicians and health management consultants on your side, we integrate your workforce’s health data into your benefit design and strategy, identifying a blueprint for action.

We assist with the design, implementation, and continuous optimization of these results to enhance your business strategies, reduce the spiraling costs of healthcare benefits, and provide opportunities to engage your employees in informed care decisions and healthy lifestyle choices.

Today’s workforce spans generations, and each generation looks at work, life, money, and financial wellbeing in different ways. Our customizable voluntary benefits program is designed by our experienced and industry-leading VB specialists who continuously strive to ensure that our knowledge and insights evolve with the voluntary benefits landscape. With program partners that can integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, our focus is on enhancing and simplifying life for your HR team and your employees.

One of the most widely used – and highly valued – benefits among employees is access to the prescription medications they need at prices they can afford. For you, pharmacy benefits are one of the hardest decisions to make. From pharma trends that impact pricing, to how you’ll integrate pharmacy benefits into your medical plan, cost is only a fraction of the decision-making process. Our pharmacy team is staffed with experienced pharmacists, consultants, and analysts who are committed to ensuring that you—and your employees—avoid wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Historically, an aging workforce, common injuries, and pregnancy drove the need for income protection programs. But with a sharp increase in behavioral health issues, more individuals in the “sandwich” generation, and economic challenges ranging from student loan debt to retirement planning, Absence, Disability & Life programs are becoming more important for employees—and more expensive for employers. A steep rise in regulation at all levels has affected paid leave, family leave, and caregiver leave, creating new challenges for employers to manage, integrate, and pay for these changes.

We deliver strategic and innovative program solutions to many of the nation’s largest and most complex Fortune 500 companies. Our specialists bring decades of expertise and a partnership mindset to help you successfully navigate this fast-changing environment. We review every aspect of your benefits strategy—plan design, funding structure, carrier selection, contract arrangements, and pricing levels—and recommend creative solutions to improve your short- and long-term cost savings.

Optimized technology delivers substantial value and agility to your business. Your back office and workforce deserve streamlined workflows, time-saving administrative solutions, and intuitive employee tools.

Our Employer Technology Consulting (ETC) team advocate for best-in-class technology solutions that blend HR automation with innovative employee engagement tools. We support you with solutions for benefits administration, payroll, HCM/HRIS, communications, technology consulting, employee lifecycle management systems, employee navigators (online enrollment), and more.

The frequency and severity of catastrophic claims continue to increase exponentially, and protecting your company from those potential high-cost claims can be an investment too. Alliant’s Stop Loss practice provides personalized, integrated solutions to self-funded clients to help minimize the risk and costs. Strategic partnerships, including pre-negotiated contract terms with preferred stop-loss carriers, provide comprehensive coverage at a competitive market price, with access to data analytics and market-leading clinical resources.