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News Release

Alliant’s Power Broker® Rising Stars Point to a Thriving Future

By Alliant

Five Alliant team members honored for exceptional creativity, customer service, and industry knowledge

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Five Alliant team members have been named Power Broker Rising Stars by Risk & Insurance. Andrea Kiefer, Sheneen Nicholson, Emily Quinlan, Robert Rochelle, and Shannon Westmoreland were recognized among the top young talent in the insurance industry based on their exceptional creativity, customer service, and industry knowledge.

“These five outstanding young leaders are reflective of Alliant’s longstanding commitment to excellence across a range of industries and disciplines,” said Tom Corbett, Chairman and CEO of Alliant. “As home to some of the top young professionals in our industry, we stand positioned for a thriving future.”

Alliant’s 2021 Rising Stars are:

Andrea Kiefer, Assistant Vice President (Financial Institutions)

Sheneen Nicholson, Assistant Vice President

Emily Quinlan, Vice President

Robert Rochelle, Vice President (Energy & Marine)

Shannon Westmoreland, Assistant Vice President (Energy & Marine)

Rising Stars are winners and finalists in the Risk & Insurance Power Broker award competition, all of whom were under the age of 40 as of the Power Broker publication date of February. Since the launch of this designation in 2014, more than 500 brokers have been recognized as Rising Stars.