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Environmental Risks and Exposures

By Alliant

Navigating Your Environmental Exposures

Damage to human health and the environment can put your business at risk. From large scale petroleum spills to the gradual release of toxic substances, environmental damage can generate a variety of unexpected financial consequences.

At Alliant, our dedicated Environmental Risk specialists have the technical knowledge and breadth of experience to deliver the environmental risk transfer solutions and guidance you need to protect your company. From pollution and professional liability coverages to combined line product packages, our goal is to help you achieve continuity, sustainability and growth.

Under a variety of environmental laws, companies can be held liable for historic releases from decades prior. Our team understands that navigating environmental exposures to risk and liability is a complex process, but it’s critical to resilience and achieving your goals. Our mission is to help you through this process by providing consultative insurance and risk management solutions.

Environmental Coverage Tailored to Your Risk Profile

With Alliant Environmental on your side, you can rest easy knowing your company is serviced by industry experts who understand the unique nuances of environmental risk. We offer a wide range of coverages to ensure you have the correct environmental risk transfer products in place, with policies tailored to your company’s risk profile and appetite and structured to fill in pollution coverage gaps that are often found in property and casualty programs.

Environmental Coverage is Essential

Environmental insurance coverage is far broader than the limited coverage that is only sometimes included in standard property and casualty policies.

Benefits of dedicated environmental coverage include:

  • Closing gaps in coverage due to significant pollution exclusions in commercial general liability, auto liability and property policies
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions/brownfield redevelopments
  • Allowing debt financing
  • Satisfying contractual requirements (i.e., service contracts, lease agreements, etc.)
  • Satisfying federal and state regulations
  • Protecting your company’s financial interests and the fiduciary responsibility to your organization

Environmental insurance products that provide these benefits include, but are not limited to:
For contractors and consultants:

  • Contractor’s pollution liability (CPL)
  • Contractor’s pollution liability (CPL) + professional liability
  • Packaged products: general liability + contractor’s pollution + professional liability

For fixed sites:

  • Site pollution liability (SPL)
  • Storage tank liability
  • Packaged products: general liability +products pollution + site pollution

Quality and Service You Can Count On
Placing insurance specific to each insured’s unique risk exposure is important, and the service and support of imbedded specialty professionals, teaming with you throughout the process is equally as important. In addition to our industry-specific expertise, Alliant offers claims advocacy and management support, with global capabilities. Our approach includes the delivery of advice and consultation on your environmental risks through the following value-added services:

  • Contract reviews and recommendations
  • Risk identification
  • Support and advocacy for claims, from filing the claim to closure
  • Review and evaluation of due diligence issues for transactional guidance
  • Loan agreement review and advice
  • Bespoke program design and execution

We view our client relationships as a partnership based on trust and reliability to perform as promised. Accordingly, we provide best-in-class, comprehensive service in real-time to give you peace of mind.

Broad Industry Reach
At Alliant, our team of professionals has specialized market knowledge, excellent carrier relationships in all reaches of the marketplace, and a dedication to meeting your needs. Our team provides targeted risk management and insurance coverage to meet the unique requirements of a range of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Real estate development and operations
  • Engineering and consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Aviation manufacturing
  • Power and energy
  • Waste services
  • Chemical manufacturing and distribution
  • Mining

At Alliant, we have the expertise, resources and experience to ensure your environmental insurance program is comprehensive, forward thinking, and responds to your needs. Our work reflects this in all aspects of what we do, from policy placement to claims advocacy.

We cater to our clients’ risk management goals with market-leading strategies to help you plan and stay in front of the next risk or potential disruption to your business.

For more information, visit Alliant Environmental.



Disclaimer: This document is designed to provide general information and guidance. Please note that prior to implementation your legal counsel should review all details or policy information. Alliant Insurance Services does not provide legal or tax advice, or legal or tax opinions. If a legal or tax opinion is needed, please seek the services of your own legal or tax advisor. This document is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty of any kind. Alliant Insurance Services disclaims any liability for any loss or damage from reliance on this document.