M&A Roundtable: Insurance Market Discussion with Houlihan Lokey

By Alliant Specialty

Jacob Borth and Sumit Agarwal, of Alliant Mergers & Acquisitions, speak with two leaders of Houlihan Lokey’s Transaction Advisory Service “TAS” practice:

- Sean Murphy, Managing Director – Global Head of TAS
- Lance Myers, Director – TAS Industrials Lead

The discussion with Houlihan Lokey is centered around the current M&A market, the routine use of RWI, industry changes over the last 5-10 years, COVID-19, and how these factors have changed due diligence.

Detailed topics including the respective time markers within the podcast are as follows:
1. 2020 M&A market - Time 1:48
2. RWI commonplace in deals – Time 9:31
3. Diligence evolution over the last 5-10 years – Time 15:25
4. RWI evolution over the last 5-10 years – Time 19:15
5. COVID-19 impacts on diligence – Time 24:38
6. COVID-19 impacts on RWI and related exclusions – Time 34:19

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