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Decades of Farm Insurance Experience

Alliant has decades of experience working with all types of operations, from small, family-owned farms to large, commercial farms. Our long-term relationships with farm insurance carriers allow us to craft the most comprehensive and effective farm insurance policies for our clients. 

Long-term relationships with farm insurance companies enable us to provide the best insurance for farms.

Well-Versed in Unique Farm Insurance Needs

Due to the vast diversity of expensive machinery, crops and livestock and personal assets that can be present on a farm, farms present unique coverage needs that not all brokers understand. We are experts at understanding the different farm insurance coverage needs of family-owned farms versus farms with unique animals like llamas or large farms that uses helicopters and crop dusters as part of their machinery.

We are well-versed in the different types of insurance for farms of all types and sizes.

Navigating the Changing Farming Landscape

As farm and grower operations grow in size, many farm owners are opting to store fuel, chemicals and more themselves, rather than relying on a third-party supplier. This new risk exposure, combined with the increasing cost of farm equipment, the new prevalence of technology on farms that brings cyber risk and stricter regulations has brought new challenges to the table for providing farm insurance. These challenges make it imperative to work with a partner who understand the farming industry as well as you do and provides superior insurance for farms.

Our farm insurance solutions keep up with the changing risks of the farming industry.

Our Farm Insurance Diagnostic Process

As part of the process of providing farm insurance for our clients, we review all their insurance policies and deliver a report on what is working and what is missing. This enables us to create a farm insurance program structure that not only meets your needs but is also the most efficient use of your capital.

Our farm insurance programs ensure a good use of your capital.

Other Farm Insurance Offerings

The use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are highly regulated and comes with very different risks depending on the chemicals used. Alliant Agribusiness is uniquely qualified in the use of these products and chemical storage. Our team has extensive experience with issues like the professional liability exposures presented by Pest Control Advisor (PCA) recommendations of pesticides and herbicides, as well as misapplication and drift issues.

Coverage wording and claims handling procedures are of utmost importance. Alliant has resolved numerous claims against our clients alleging crop damage from mis-recommendation or misapplication. As a result, we are intimately familiar with the most qualified forensic agronomists and specialized legal firms that are highly conversant in the crop claim arena.

The growing and distribution of edible plant products encompass all parts of the agribusiness industry. Growers, packers and shippers are all dealing with these types of products and making sure the product is taken care of from seed to consumption. At Alliant, we are focused on helping you keep your product safe and protecting your business if there is an event.

Besides just protecting you from product exposures, Alliant has experience helping protect all areas of the business. We know most operators in this space are family-owned in some capacity, which present certain risk management dynamics that brokers might not address. These are particularly important to consider as the industry continues to consolidate. Additionally, from a labor perspective, each type of produce has different operations and safety, and insurance programs need to be tailored to address the specific type of work being done.

The leafy green insurance marketplace specifically has severely retracted in recent years due to large contamination events, large fires, general liability losses and auto losses. This has left very few primary insurance carriers willing to enter the leafy green space, which means clients have fewer options. Many insureds are exploring going to the wholesale marketplace, which is more expensive than traditional insurance. Clients are also looking at other options like, group captives, single parent captives or alternative risk transfer solutions. They are also exploring increasing retentions, taking a portion of the losses or foregoing some coverages altogether. Alliant has extensive experience navigating all of these options and can work with you to find the best solution for leafy green coverage.


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Farm Labor Contractors are the backbone of farms in the United States. Without their labor, farming operations would not be able to function as effectively and efficiently as they currently do. The work they do can be risky, so protecting them and your business is crucial to the success of your operation. Alliant offers the largest team of Agribusiness professionals in the country. We specialize in risk management solutions for Farm Labor Contractors for wholesale distributors, food processors, growers, shippers and packers.

Our services include:

  • Captives
  • Workers’ Compensation Programs
  • Healthcare and Employee Benefits
  • English & Spanish Safety Training and Loss Control Services

Greenhouses and nurseries can offer a more controlled way to grow plants. However, they are also much more expensive to build and operate than traditional farming operations. If you have invested in this area, it is crucial to have a strong risk management plan and robust insurance coverage to protect your business. Alliant’s dedicated team understands this area of the agribusiness industry and will work with you to create tailored solutions. Our team of specialists have been working in this space for decades and have a deep understanding of the risks inherent to the nursery and greenhouse space. With these types of operations usually taking place under one roof, the potential for a total loss is great. Therefore, it is essential to have coverage to not only protect the buildings from things like electrical fires and storm damage, but also it is imperative to have crop coverage in case the climate control systems fail. Alliant has helped build creative solutions that take these and other risks into account. We want to make sure your operations, people and equipment are all protected and will work with you to tailor a plan to your current and future needs.

  • Product Contamination/Recall
  • Worker’s Compensation Programs, including Guaranteed Cost, Large Deductible, Retrospective Rating, and Captives
  • Safety and Loss Control Resources
  • Environmental Liability Coverage
  • Ocean Cargo and Stock Throughput expertise