Deliver on Time and on Budget with Our Subcontractor Default Insurance Services

SDI is a first party insurance policy that protects you as a contractor for costs incurred as a result of a default of one of your subcontractors. We provide a highly experienced network of SDI and surety advisors to manage subcontractor default. SDI can be coupled with our sophisticated credit scoring model, C2M™, to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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Our C2M™ Subcontractor Risk Analysis Tool

Alliant Contractor Credit Model (C2M™) gets to the heart of the subcontractor prequalification process by providing an analytical tool to evaluate a subcontractor’s ability to perform on a particular project. By using a series of financial measurements, C2M provides a credit score that helps you determine if the subcontractor is in the low, medium or high risk category for their size.

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C2M™ is an accurate predictor of subcontractor default risk

By employing C2M, you may be able to increase bonding capacity from your surety or enjoy more favorable terms and conditions for SDI. C2M can save millions of dollars of potential lost profit and hundreds of man hours required to replace a defaulted subcontractor, helping to ensure a smooth and successful project.