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Ensuring Protection Throughout the Lifecyle of SPAC Companies

We work with equity sponsors, legal counsel, investment bankers and other stakeholders in the lifecycle of a SPAC to make sure the processes it and its team of professionals go through are protected—and done so properly.

Efficiently Managing Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Professional woman working on a computer, handling secure deals and risk solutions.

Strategic Planning for SPAC Insurance

In today’s tight marketplace, we know the players, who calls the shots and how to quickly and transparently get you the best outcomes that result in comprehensive coverage. We work closely with our Mergers & Acquisitions team to ensure you have access to the resources you need to make an informed decision when zeroing in on an IBC.

Empowering Decisions with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Group in a conference room, discussing secure deals and risk management.

Unrivaled SPAC Insurance and Risk Advisory

With an unrivaled combination of legal, underwriting and broking experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your goals. We offer our assistance in:

  • Advisory and placement
  • Claims handling
  • Insurance due diligence
  • Loss control
  • Ongoing risk advisory
  • Risk management onboarding
  • Transactional liability review
  • Risk management onboarding
Strategic Planning with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance | Businessmen in a conference room, discussing secure deals and risk management.