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A Single, Comprehensive, Environmental Liability Policy

Environmental liability coverage provides public entities with a single comprehensive policy that includes coverage for premises, covered operations, transportation, bodily injury/property damage from pollution conditions, pollution clean-up, and both above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs). Coverage includes fixed-site pollution for owned locations, as well as off-site covered operations common to public entities.

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Broad Environmental Liability Coverage 

APEEL is available to a wide range of municipal facilities and agencies including educational facilities and schools, transit authorities, water/wastewater facilities, utilities/power cooperatives, cities and counties, parks and recreation facilities, and special districts such as police, fire, administration, maintenance, recreation and public works. Our experienced, dedicated, and responsive underwriters bring strong experience in environmental risks, as well as the unique needs of the public entity sector.

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Additional Environmental Liability Coverage Classes

Restricted classes and industries that benefit from APEEL include ports and port authorities, airports, landfills and/or recycling centers, oil- and gas-producing properties/assets. This program also provides coverage for above-ground and underground storage tanks.

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Key Advantages of our Environmental Liability Program

  • Single comprehensive policy
  • Unlimited number and financial assurance coverage available for ASTs and USTs
  • Ability to cover properties acquired by mid-term endorsement
  • Coverage for claims arising from non-owned disposal sites, fungi, lead-based paint and asbestos
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