Purchase Power

This program brings the lower cost advantage of group purchase to public ports that require comprehensive liability coverage for a broad spectrum of both marine and shore-side exposures. We can provide limits of liability of over $150 million—a capacity no other program provides.


Cost Stability

Since AMPIP is a risk purchasing group, there is no risk-sharing and, therefore, no possibility of future assessments. Each participating entity has its own limits of liability and a choice of deductibles or self-insured retention. The program offers greater stability in a fluctuating insurance market since its size ensures the most competitive structure in either a hard or soft market.


Long-term Security

AMPIP is exclusive to Alliant and has the backing of some of the largest, most financially secure insurance companies in the world. These “A” rated companies have been carefully selected to include underwriters who are committed to long-term access to stable terms and pricing.


Shore-Side Coverage

The program provides liability coverage for premises, personal injury, advertising, contractual, products and completed operations, employee benefits E&O, garagekeepers legal, warehouseman’s legal, sudden and accidental pollution, miscellaneous E&O including wrongful direction of cargo, and terrorism insurance.