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Protecting the Healthcare Industry

Growing regulatory scrutiny by pollution control agencies during a recessionary period of decreasing margins has increased the risk exposure of the U.S. healthcare industry. At the same time they are being asked to do more with less, hospitals, nursing homes, medical office buildings, and outpatient facilities are required to meet more stringent pollution control regulations, increasing the potential for significant pollution losses. Our HELP program helps you address the wide-ranging environmental exposures you face in healthcare.

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Additional Healthcare Environmental Liability Coverages

HELP also covers storage tanks and transfer lines, regulatory audits/inspections conducted by state or federal agencies, wastewater that includes pharmaceuticals, reputational damage because of pollution, release of pollutants or discovery of conditions during expansion of facilities, and nuclear, biological, and chemical acts of domestic/foreign terrorism.

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Our Healthcare Environmental Liability Coverage

  • Remediation/Clean-up of site contamination resulting from pollution conditions caused by historical conditions, on-site releases during the course of operations, or adjacent property source.
  • Vicarious Liability associated with waste disposal due to legacy sites utilized or business difficulties of current owners/operators of these waste facilities.
  • Transportation with unexpected/unintended upset or overturn due to loading/unloading during the movement of transported cargo (supplies or waste materials).
  • Indoor Air Quality including claims for the occurrence of microbial matter, mold, fungi, MRSA, and Legionella to an impaired immune system patient community.
  • Chemical Storage on-site for cleaning, maintenance, and construction/development activities.