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Our National Aircraft Municipal Program (NAMP) provides aircraft hull and liability for a broad array of public entities. To maximize leverage in negotiating pricing and coverage terms, and to enhance long-term program stability, the programs have been marketed together and placed with the same carrier.


Specialized Expertise

We excel at developing group programs that cover all aspects of your airport operations and liability of your aircraft. Our deep experience and long-term relationships with the aviation insurance markets enable us to provide a multi-year program structure that produces rate stability, broad coverage, and cost savings - with no minimum time commitment.


NAMP Features 

  • Three-year program term with flat annual rate
  • Primary limits up to $500 million
  • Aircraft hull and liability
  • NIL deductibles
  • $50K passenger/crew medical payments coverage
  • Unearned premium endorsement
  • 15 day/75% lay-up credit
  • 80/20 good experience return on both hull and liability