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Since many of these events are hosted by under-insured third parties in public assembly facilities, the program empowers the host institution to insure its own events, providing an additional layer of protection for your organization and the event holder and/or organizer.


Tenant/User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)

This provides coverage for events held or sponsored by companies, organizations, or individuals that have been permitted to use a public entity’s meeting rooms or other facilities. Liability insurance protects your public entity and the user of the facilities.


Instructor/Recreation Class Program

This provides coverage for events that are instructional to participants. Also covered are instructors who are not employed by your entity but who provide instructional services for a fee.


Nominee Event Program

Coverage is offered for events held or sponsored by your entity or by any of your departments or divisions, creating a convenient way for you to protect your self-insured retention. Coverage can be expanded to cover co-sponsors if desired.


Program Features

  • Lessees, instructors, or event holders as named insured
  • “Primary/non-contributory” wording as respects your entity
  • Volunteer employees as insureds
  • Entity or venue owner as additional insured
  • Premises and products/completed operations liability
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Fire damage and medical payments
  • M. Best’s guide rating