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Specialty Property Insurance at a Lower Cost

This program brings the cost advantages of group purchase coverage to public entities and not-for-profit organizations seeking property damage coverage for real and/or personal property owned, leased, or in the care, custody, or control of the insured entity. SPIP leverages its combined size, along with market relationships developed through APIP, to deliver property damage coverage at a cost well below that available to individual entities.


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Special Property Insurance with Greater Stability 

SPIP’s size and the fact that it has a low overall loss ratio has enabled it to maintain stable or declining rates over the past several years regardless of fluctuations in the general insurance market. Because SPIP is a group purchase program, there is no risk pooling and, therefore, no possibility of future assessments.

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Property-Related Coverages Under a Single Contract

  • Business interruption
  • Extra expense
  • Expediting expense
  • Automobile physical damage
  • Automatic coverage for acquisitions of new property
  • Property in course of construction or remodel​
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