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Experienced Claims Advocates

Creativity and strategic planning is what sets our claims representatives apart from the others. They are also keys to the success of the Alliant claims advocates. Our knowledge and capabilities have been developed through experience in all phases of the construction claims process. We draw from years of being involved with first and third party construction claims at all levels of complexity and value - from the simple slip and fall general liability matters to major, complex construction defect cases.

Our team tailors wrap-ups and wrap up insurance services to each contractor, owner and project.

Specialized Expertise

It is imperative that contractors have a risk advisor that is highly involved in the claims process to strongly advocate all claims on your behalf. Our claims team is there to help by actively monitoring claims, carrier behavior, legal developments and trends that can impact our clients’ exposures and policy performance.

Our team has brokered and managed builders risk insurance placements for multiple projects throughout the country.

Construction Claims Services 

  • Evaluate the claims capabilities and staff of carrier/third party administrator to underwrite the program
  • Ensure the carrier assigns a highly experienced and effective team
  • Review loss details against the client’s entire insurance portfolio to facilitate prompt notice to appropriate carrier(s)
  • Provide oversight of the designated claims team to ensure continuous, high-quality service with focus on cost containment
  • Advise on complex and high exposure claims with regards to settlement and litigation management
  • Focus on the reduction of litigated claims by conducting periodic litigation reviews with the client, carrier and legal counsel
  • Facilitate claim reviews to ensure reserve integrity, timely and goal oriented action plans
  • Advocate coverage and policy interpretation for full entitlement of benefits