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Customized Solutions

Sports & Entertainment Insurance

Our team of insurance specialists are dedicated to providing clients with tailored risk management and insurance programs that cater to the distinct needs of a diverse range of professionals in the entertainment & sports industry.


Sports & Entertainment Insurance Specialists

Whether you're an athlete, broadcaster, filmmaker, producer, promoter, entertainer, or involved in any aspect of professional entertainment and sports, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our powerful relationships, industry experience and ability to adapt swiftly to your changing exposures is why we have an extensive history of working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Tailored  Insurance for Sports & Entertainment

With our in-depth understanding of the Sports & Entertainment industry, we excel in crafting bespoke insurance solutions that safeguard athletes and entertainers from potentially crippling financial losses stemming from lawsuits, property damage, event cancellation and a multitude of other perils. We go beyond the traditional risk advisor and partner with your team of confidants to create a seamless, real-time risk mitigation process that fits your specific needs.

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Sports & Entertainment Insurance Offerings

Our specialized coverages also include:

  • Media liability
  • Foreign package
  • Shell corporations
  • Nonappearance coverage
  • Cyber liability and crime insurance
  • Event cancellation

We deliver a comprehensive and integrated array of insurance and risk management solutions to fit your lifestyle. Our specialized sports and entertainment insurance coverages for individuals and families include:

  • High-end homes and estates
  • Specialty risks
  • Fine art, jewelry and collectibles
  • Small business insurance
  • Personal liability
  • Yachts and private aircraft
  • Protection of trusts, LLCs and family limited partnerships
  • Excess liability
Joe Charles

Senior Vice President

Alliant Sports and Entertainment

Deborah King

Client Manager

Alliant Private Client